Saturday, February 25, 2006

4 mile long run

I met a couple people down at clear lake park for a few miles this morning. 4 miles counts as my long run now! This short mileage is starting to feel too easy now, but I'm going to stick with it for a while longer before I increase. I'd like to solidify my newfound consistency before I make it harder.

It was nice and cool this morning, foggy and cool. No rain yet, it might not be so bad. It was beautiful down by Clear Lake, and there were two teams of people from the rowing club out on their boats. I think I might like to try that too. I've heard it's a pretty good workout.

I hope the weather cooperates for the Rodeo Run. Good luck everyone.

The weekends are always traumatic to my healthy lifestyle. Keep an eye on the Ice Cream counter on the left panel. Let's see if it gets reset.

Anyway, Have a good weekend.


Jill said...

Rowing is fun!! I went out for a couple lessons back in June/July. When you are by yourself you can cheat and rest, but not so much when you are in a multi-man boat! That is when you really get the workout!

david said...

ice cream free - 0 days