Thursday, February 23, 2006

2 miles and 3 raw eggs

Okay, 13 eggs is too much. 13 would probably ruin my whole day. And Barbara even tried to change her sponsorship to make it 19 eggs. So, I changed the rules, which I think is okay because the rules were never defined in the first place.

So, the rule is, "there is a limit of one egg sponsorship per person." Which made it 3 eggs, more than enough to prove my point, especially considering that I never had a point in the first place.

Here are my splits:

Egg 1: I was pretty nervous and wondering why I even started this whole stupid thing. But I took a sip, and even though they're all mixed together in the cup, they come out one by one. And it went down almost without notice. No sweat. There's not much taste, there's just a very rich, fatty, texture. But it goes down easy, I even think about not cheating and doing all 13.

Egg 2: More difficult. 3 will be enough. The yolk broke, but still went down quickly.

Egg 3: Worst one yet. For some reason, I didn't swallow it right away and it just stopped right in my mouth, with the yolk right on my tongue. Very slimy. Exactly as you'd imagine it. And I couldn't bring myself to swallow it for several traumatic seconds. The only thing to do was to break the yolk first and then swallow. Very upsetting.

Right now, about a half hour later, they're still down, but I do feel kind of funny. I have the vague feeling that I want to throw up. But I did it, not exactly with the same composure that Rocky Balboa did it, but it's done.

Tune in next week when I eat 1 cubic feet of packing peanuts.

Rock on.


Barbara said...

Ewwwww! I see the eggs in a bowl. What I want to see is a picture of you actually eating them. If for some reason you didn't get it, please prepare to eat more raw eggs while someone is holding a camera pointed in your direction.

Glad I got credit for the 13 earlier. I was confused!

Jill said...

Yucky!! I will eat raw eggs when I sample the cookie dough, but not whole like that! Love how everyone is "egging" you on though. Now I know why Fear Factor is such a popular show!

Keith said...

Barbara - would you even believe a photo? I could fake that too.

Next time we see each other, why don't we sit down and share a few eggs for world peace?


Keith said...

Jill - I had considered eating the raw eggs in cookie dough form. There wasn't any rule about that beforehand either.


Holden said...

Perhaps putting some Tabasco on it would have made it go down easier. You know, almost like bloody Mary, except this would be called bloody eggs.

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

i love me some keith! can i get you bottled up to drink while i am at work, lol.

Keith said...

Jess - That's not a bad idea. Maybe a candybar would be more appropriate. I'd eat me!

Barbara said...

You're on, Keith! But I should warn you that you just challenged someone who delighted in eating worms as a child.

Jill said...

That would be a lot of cookie dough!!

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

worms??? i think Keith needs to eat a worm now!!!