Friday, September 30, 2005

New feature for this blog.

As if this blog wasn't already the greatest bleepin' blog in blistory, I've added another feature. A guestbook unlike any other. A guestbook and a questionairre which will teach you, among other things, what is my favorite curse word? You'll learn a lot about me, and dare I say, perhaps you'll learn a little bit about yourself too. Also, the questionnaire has the greatest background of any website ever, and if that's not enough to pull in whordes of websurfers, I'll add this to the mix: You sign my guestbook and I'll sign yours, I promise.

Likewise with blog comments, leave a comment on my blog, and I'll leave one on yours. NO, TWO, I'll leave two comments on your blog for every one you leave on mine. Two for one, you can't go wrong with that. And they'll be clever comments too. Not just mindless "keep up the good work" stuff. I'll express sincere concern for your troubles with your bf, or I'll tell you that your right about something. I'll tell you you're right and you can use me as a confirmatory source in future arguments on that subject.

I could even help in other ways.

Need someone to call in sick for you?
(One guestbook signing and 5 comments)

Need someone to have your back when you tell your girlfriend's ex to stop calling?
(One guestbook signing and 20 comments)

Need to frame someone? - I know where to get a dead hooker.
(One guestbook signing and 100 comments)

So please sign in.

Take it easy peasy like a lemon squeezy.

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