Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sad week for machismo.

This week in Texas, almost a million husbands swallowed their pride and listened to their wives and evacuated. And as a reward they got to run out of gas in gridlock traffic and spent 20+ hours on the roadside.

But machismo will return, because it's clear now that respecting Mother Nature is NEVER the right decision. Nobody will evacuate next time.

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lisaleese said...

I am LAUGHING. However, your message is true. Macho or not, this "near miss" will make people pause the next time.. and that next time may be the time WE are Beaumont and Lake Charles.

On the other hand, if we'd gotten slammed like Beaumont, everyone would be thanking their lucky stars they waited on the parking lots of I-45, I-10 and 290.