Saturday, September 10, 2005

"Don't drop me, I'm the one that knows the route!"

Well, my weekly running goals fell apart this week, so it has kind of turned into a rest week. It's funny because I was thinking earlier this week that I should make this week an easier week, and then I can put in two solid weeks right before the Space City 10 miler. So I get a good rest week, with some added guilt for missing some scheduled miles.

I did put in 4 solid miles on the Kemah bridge on Thursday morning. And today's group run went well, after a bit of a shower very early on. I ran most of the way with a woman named Valerie, and it's funny, I think she only let me keep up with her because I knew the route. But we kept a good pace, I ran 9:20 per mile for 9.3 miles, which makes me feel good about my chances for setting a PR at the 10 miler (90:47 - 10/2004).

Keep on Rock-and-Rolling!

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