Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita Go Home!

Ran three miles, still very tired for reasons unbenownst to me.

On another note, I'd estimate at least 3/4 of the population in my Pasadena neighborhood have evacuated, even though this is not an evacuation zone. It makes me wonder if I should have evacuated too, but apparently most people are stuck on the interstate, running out of gas, and possibly in a worse position than me.

So everybody's stuck on I-45, with no gas, and the current theory on what went wrong was that the evacuation plan didn't include all the voluntary evacuees from inland areas.

So the forecast sends Rita this way, then the next time its farther east, and now its back to being a little closer to us, so it's unclear how much of a problem it will be for us, and now Dr. Neil Frank says it might cross the coastline and stall out and rain on us for a year and a half. I have learned quite a bit about storm surge dynamics and eyewall wobble.

I'll keep all my lovely readers informed on the state of the city and how bad it gets here in the Southeast Houston area. Maybe that's a good hook for me to get some more readers. I'll post during the storm. And of course this is a running blog, so I guess I'll go out and run during the storm and then I'll blog about it. So stay tuned, I'll have war stories about dodging tornadoes and flying debris. I'll run into the evacuation zone and maybe I'll even run down by Kemah and I'll run and swim around and give an update on the status of everybody's homes and boats as I run by them.

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