Sunday, September 25, 2005

Feeling a little better and running a lot better.

7.1 miles and I actually ran the whole way. Regardless of the fact that I shouldn't have any trouble with a 7 miler, and a few weeks ago I ran 21 with little trouble, I consider it a good run. But I've been having a rough time, and it was very warm this evening, so I say "Good for me."

After just a few days, a few bad runs, the mental barriers begin to return. Each mile feels like a milestone. Whereas a couple of weeks ago, those miles would have passed without notice, a drop in the bucket, as I chase some weekly mileage total.

All this week has been difficult, where my legs would feel like rubber after 1.5 miles, and I'd have to start walking shortly after that. I'm sure it was because I was getting over a chest cold, but my symptoms were very light, and my poor running was practically the only sign of illness. But it was lingering, and I actually considered going to see a doctor about it. And I'm a guy! I don't go to the doctor unless I need something sewn back on. I guess I'm really growing up.


Amy said...

What countries did you get to send postcards to (from postcrossing)? So far I've gotten two Germany's, Spain, Brazil and Ukraine. I got my sister to sign up for it and she got Germany, Poland and Finland.

I'm interested to see what comes my way (and from where). I admit, that's the only reason I'm doing it.

Thanks for stopping by, randomly.

Amy said...

Thanks for the compliment. I'm pretty sure I'm not a monkey. But I know what you mean about finding random sites. You have to wonder.

I live in Kansas (Kansas City metro), and had quite an adventure even finding postcards. Kansas isn't exactly a touristy spot (thank god) so postcards are hard to come by. The ones you do find are typically pretty lame and outdated. I think I'll probably just make my own from now on. I have lots of nice Kansas pictures that should do.

I sent all five of mine out today. The stamps ended up being 70 cents - I thought they'd be more, but I'm not complaining. That's only a dollar a postcard for the whole process. Not bad at all.

Come back anytime.