Saturday, September 03, 2005

Long long run.

Ufta, that was a long way.

Ufta was one of the words I learned when I was visiting relatives in Minnesota when I was a kid. The other one was bunza.

4:00 AM, we (Tonia and me) started down Nasa Road 1 and I felt like Gebrselassie. After about 5 miles we slowed down because it was going to be a long long day and we were going a bit too fast to keep up for 21 miles.
8 miles in is where the torrential stinging sideways rain began, just in time for us to slog over the Kemah bridge. But the rain kept me cool and took my mind off the huge distance I was trying to cover. The Kemah boardwalk was cool with no one around, and there were sheets of water flowing off the rooves. Then it was back to the park to finish up on the lucky pig trail. The trails were deserted and a bit flooded, but we saw several deer including some very small ones, and some type of giant rodent. No pigs.

I felt surprisingly good at the end, much better than a 30K I did a few weeks ago when it was much hotter.

Here was my route : HONK!

Then the group migrated over to Skeeters for a ginormous breakfast. A few hours later, I'm hungry again.

So that's all, back to sleep.

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