Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Keyword Analysis

Since Steve got away with stealing this idea from Cassie, and she got away with stealing the idea from Brent, I thought I might get away with it too. And I think the results are pretty funny.

I had compiled a nice list of info I found on cu&oid pain, and I didn't want this page to be such a high probability match for cu&oid queries, so I changed all the instances of c-u-b-o-i-d to cu&oid, sorry if that makes it hard to read.

46.15%cu&oid bone
12.82%cu&oid sublu$ation
7.69%cu&oid bone pain in runners
7.69%pain around cu&oid bone
5.13%keith kelleher
5.13%cu&oid syndrome
2.56%cu&oid support
2.56%where would you find the cu&oid bone
2.56%david s wander
2.56%where would you find the cu&oid bone?
2.56%define cu&oid fracture
2.56%chiropractic cu&oid bone

Since "david s wander" was a guy I mentioned that had some input on my cu&oid bone, it seems like almost 95% of my hits come from people suffering from cu&oid bone pain, and 5% are actually searching for info on me!

And I think, from now on, if I want to mention my cu&oid bone, in a way that I think won't be helpful for people who are searching for ways to ease the pain, I will refer to that bone as "The Bone We Do Not Speak Of."

Rock on.


Steve Bezner said...

What the heck is a cuoid?

Sounds like something I should know something about.


Keith said...

I was writing cu&oid instead of c-u-b-o-i-d, so that people searching for info on their injury wouldn't be distraced by this post.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

LOL! this is too funny!