Thursday, November 24, 2005

Jell-O Turkey for my blogging friends.

Here's a Jell-O turkey someone on the internet made. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving, and you should know that I'm thankful for all my fellow bloggers.

I ran another easy three miles around my house, and didn't have any pain in my foot, so that's great news. I wore a new pair of shoes that I bought because they're practically like running barefoot. They're not the Nike Free's but a pair of Mizuno racing flats that are so light and flexible, I think it's almost the same as barefoot, but offers me enough protection from rocks and whatnot. So, we'll see if this is a good idea, that will instill a more natural running stride, or a bad idea that I'll be paying for with injury. I think it's an interesting experiment, I'll keep you informed.

It has been a pretty busy week, even though it was so short. I had to meet with my graduate advisory committee, so that they can approve my topic for my oral qualifying exam in February. (I'm a graduate student in Biology) The idea is I'm supposed to design a set of experiments to test a hypothesis, and the system chosen has to be something different from what we're actually working on. So my proposal was on the mechanism by which migratory birds can sense the magnetic field, and they liked it, so that's what I'll be reading about endlessly for the next couple of months.

Turkey on.


jen said...

That Jello Turkey is disturbing. I don't wanna know how they made the Jello all flesh-y colored.

Anyways, Happy Turkey Day. Gobble.


lisaleese said...

I completely agree with Jen. Disturbing is the appropriate word for that jiggly turkey.

I'm curious to hear about your findings about migratory birds. A few days ago, a friend and I were discussing the recent Monarch butterfly migration.. It's amazing the kind of built-in GPS some animals have...

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

that jello turkey has been haunting me for a few days now. ughhhhhh. it is so nasty