Saturday, November 19, 2005

8 miles with the half marathon group

So, my foot didn't hurt AT ALL today, what's up with that? Not that I'm disappointed, but it does make me wonder... I had joked about my pain being imaginary a couple times, but now, as soon as the doctor tells me there's nothing wrong with it, it stops hurting! Maybe it was imaginary.

And maybe all my other problems are psychosomatic too, like the tremors I get when its really cold outside, the spontaneous bleeding from the ears I have when I stick something in there, and maybe when I uncontrollably shout "Oh no you didn't!" at the Jerry Springer Show.

And Lisa was at the club today! It was very nice to meet you, finally. I hope you liked our bridge. I have a love/hate relationship with that bridge.

I only went 8 miles, so we stopped at the base of the bridge, but I could hear it challenging me to take a lap, but I thought it would be best to take it easy until I'm sure I won't be finishing my runs in pain. And boy was it cold out there at the start, and I'm very glad the club gave everybody a pair of running gloves, because my hands would have been frozen by the end.

My next big race is still up in the air, although I do plan on doing the next Blogger 5K in the Woodlands. The club is planning an 18 miler for the marathon group in two weeks, so I'll try that, and if my feets don't fail me, I'll consider doing the full Houston marathon, otherwise I'll probably stick to the half.

Rock On.


jen said...

Wait - you guys regularly train on that bridge? That's hardcore. Ok, never again will I complain about running the hills on Allen Parkway. ;)

That's great your club was giving out gloves that morning. Gloves are good. I ::heart:: gloves.

Maybe I'll see you at the Blogger RTW. I'm doing the 30K the next day, and haven't decided if Saturday should be a rest day. But I do want to see my blogger peeps!


Jessica, a Houston Runner said...
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Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

no shame in the Half...Sarah and myself are doing it (and possible Cassie, i think). it'll be fun!!