Wednesday, December 14, 2005

You can have my code. You can have any of this crap if you want it.

If you want the code for the blogger menu I wrote, you can have it. I posted a page with the minimum necessary elements on this page right here, so you can just view the source of that page. I'd post it here, but there's always some extra formatting stuff that happens, and it would be harder for you to just copy and paste it.

There's two parts to it, that should go in different places. There's a section of code with a few javascript functions that should go just before the closing </head> tag of your template. And the other part is the HTML code that goes in the <body> of your template. You shouldn't have to mess with the javascript part at all. The HTML part is a table with a bunch of images, and you can change who's on your blogroll by deleting the whole <img ... > tag or adding more.

Those tags look like this:

<img vspace="0" onclick="window.location='';" title="Keith" alt="link" height="0" src=""><BR>

If you wanted to add another link, you have to change:
  • the URL within the 'onclick' event,

  • the 'title,' which is the text that pops up when you hover over the image,

  • and the 'src,' which is the location of the image.

  • new links all have to have the 'alt' attribute set to "link" for that image to expand and contract with the others.

Those images are on my earthlink webspace, and it shouldn't be a problem if you just wanted to keep them there, or you could copy them to your space and link to them there, either way should work.

You should know that it looks a little different on Netscape/Firefox, where there's a little bit of space between each of the images. It still looks okay, but it's not exactly how I wanted it so it bugs me.


Oh, by the way, I ran 2 miles. No time trial today, I was very tired and the track was wet. I'll do that next week.


Barbara said...

Hi Keith,

I'm just cruising blogs tonight. Your menu is very cool! I didn't get what the conversation was about until I clicked the initial link but after I saw it, it made me think maybe I should stop reading and work on a cool logo for myself. It all depends on how interesting the finale of Apprentice is tonight...

Keith said...

Hi Barbara,
I read your blog too, but I can't figure out how to leave a comment. It keeps telling me to log in and I don't see how to do it.