Saturday, December 03, 2005

Distance is relative

"I guess you went running this morning?" said my neighbor, as he was walking his little dog "TJ" around my complex.
"Yeah, 12 miles."
"12 miles! Without a lion chasing you?" he chuckles, "and, what time did you get up to run 12 miles?"
"A little before 4:00."
He laughs again. "You know, you sure know how to make a guy feel bad."

I think it's a funny conversation, because I was already feeling kind of bad, because the full marathon group at the club was going 18 miles, and I only went twelve. But, I guess, even if I went the full distance today, I would still have room to feel bad, because there's a group of people at the club that are racing in Huntsville next weekend. Two people (that I know of) are doing the 50 miler, and I think a couple others are only doing the 50K. There's one guy that is planning to run a full marathon distance entirely on the Kemah bridge. And I'll bet even they know people they are impressed by too.

My twelve miler was a little rough today, and I was very tired, although I had no trouble with my mystery foot pain. I have lost fitness these last few lazy weeks, there' s no denying that now. I had considered doing the full 18, but it was apparent early on, that even 12 miles would be a worthwhile accomplishment at this point.

But I have to make these long runs a priority again, which means, I think I'm going to have to miss next week's Blogger 5K, so that I can get in another long run. I'm upset about that, I was looking forward to meeting everyone. Maybe some of you will be at the Jingle Bell Run, on Sunday, I think I can still make it out to drag myself through that one after a long run on Saturday.

I'd like to do something around 16 miles next weekend, and hopefully get up for the club's 21 miler on Dec 17. So that's the tentative plan as it stands right now, provided that I don't have a reoccurrence of my mystery foot pain.

Rock on.

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