Friday, December 30, 2005

My Living Will

Someone suggested that it's a good practice to have my living will in writing, should something happen unexpectedly.

So, for the record, if I should become incapacitated in some way, I hope that there would be no attempts to unplug any wires or tubes that are in any way delaying my passage. In fact, each wire and tube should have a couple of back-up wires and tubes, and maybe some built-in redundancy.

Also, since lying in bed all day seems to be the most boring thing I could possibly imagine, I would like it if someone were to push me around town and stuff at least 3 times a day.

Additionally, I like watching movies at the movie theater, so it would be nice if someone would bring me there with all my equipment a couple of times a week. And perhaps if there is a comatose girl that I might like, ask her nurse if we could hang out, and maybe share an IV-bag.

So, I guess, I'd like it if my clothes and hairstyle were changed periodically so that I'm consistently 10-15 years behind the current fashion trends.

Also, if anyone I know is going on vacation, I'd appreciate it if you could take me along too.

And I do like rollercoasters, so feel free to strap me and my equipment in, and maybe tie my hands up in the air, because I like to do that when I go upside-down.

Also, if we go to a zoo, please make sure I see the monkeys.



Dirt Runner said...

now that's funny!

atownrunner said...

that's funny right there.

Barbara said...

Did you draw that all by yourself? What an artist!

Welcome back to Houston.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

you are so freaking funny!! Manny and I are both sitting here cracking up!!

Anonymous said...

Bahhhhhhh! it can be of the grandma and of the grandpa
you are not in web of change of city postcards?
he/she could be child even, and I don't speak his/her language, I do a lot
in communicating with you