Monday, February 12, 2007

My Cholesterol Test Results

Last Friday, The University of Houston gave all faculty and staff and students free cholesterol screenings, I guess as a Valentine's Day gift. I've never had it checked before and I was kind of worried, since I'm pretty active, but my diet could be improved a small amount. Not to mention, I wasn't thrilled about decreasing my blood volume even a small amount just one day before a marathizzon. But I did it anyway, and the results are in. It's official, I'm STRONG LIKE BULL!

That's even what the nurse said, she yelled it, "STRONG LIKE BULL!" But the doctor was even worried a little. He said I should increase my pizza intake and he described in detail how they even have some with more cheese built right into the crust. And then he wrote me a prescription for some curly fries and he said to take them twice daily with food. And he said to watch out for stuff that's "baked - not fried," but he said I could have that stuff once in a while, as long as I bread it and fry it also.


Vic said...

I hope he takes my insurance 'cause I'm going to see that doctor.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I loewered my cholesterol by changing to rice bran oil. You can eat fried foods once in awhile if you use a good oil.Yea, who doesn't like curly fries.

TX Runner Girl said...

Man, I need to see your doctor. Last year, after my screening, my doctor mailed my notes with a kind little note - "You might want to get more exercise"...and that was after running the full in Houston & Austin. Perhaps ultras would help me?

Barbara said...

Hey Keith, can you send me an email with your email addy in it? I had a couple of digital photos to send your way but they bounced back with the one I had for you.

barbara "at" barbaraboone "dot" com

Dirt Runner said...

In theory, the higher your heals go up the easier it is to produce a fluent stride with less effort creating a better turn over rate. The perfect turn over rate is 180 strides per minute. It’s also easier to climb hills because the foot has less ground to cover also making it an easier stride. Take a look at photos of elite runners in motion and the size of their hamstrings and the location of their heals to hamstrings. I’m not sure if that all makes sense but I’ll try and find the info and the source with the exact wording.

I think that fries help with turnover as well but only if they are covered in cheese.