Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Climbing the rock wall, running the track

Hi America, It's good to see you.

Things have been busy for me the last few days. I visited the climbing wall at UH, which I've never done, and have been putting it off for a year or more. It was a little scary since I might embarrass myself and everyone there seems really good at it already.

Oh, here's a question, when I climb the wall, am I supposed to use the grips for my feet as well?, because that's what I was doing, and there a girl there that was only using the grips for her hands and her feet were going on the very small, sometimes imperceptable, ridges in the face of the rock wall. She was really good, she was like spiderwoman. But there were other people, clearly not as skilled as the one girl, that were stepping on whatever they could too. But maybe it's cheating, maybe the purists don't do it.

I had fun though, it's a difficult workout, especially since my upper body is rubbery and only good for typing. I felt like I made it pretty high, about 6 feet from the point where the auto-belay thing holds you. If you want to go higher you have to have a human belay you and climb on the other section. The handholds get harder as you go up, and it's more strenuous on my hands and forearms than anything else I do. It usually ended when I grab and slip and fall slowly and gently all the way back to the ground.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAanyway. I ran Monday at the UH Recreational Center. 24 laps around the old 360 meter track. I think that's about 5.5 miles, and I ran 12 reps of speed on the short legs in the middle miles. It's interesting to run there because there's lots of people and you can look down on the first floor at the soccer games and basketball games and badminton and racquetball and the rock wall, but it still gets boring after 8 or 10 laps or so. A lot of people run there, but sometimes only like one lap. That's all, they run one lap.

Well, thanks for stopping by. I know you're busy.
See you soon, America.

"Live Like Keith" Tip of the Day:
Dream. Plan. Work. (stolen from MonkeyBuddha)

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Sarah said...

Good lord yes, use the handholds as footholds too. I could never make it up the wall otherwise. I've never seen anyone *not* use them as footholds too...