Saturday, February 24, 2007

7-point-something with the club

This morning, my long run, something like 7.4 miles or so. I still don't really have a schedule. For the time being I think I'll keep kicking around running what I feel like running. Then for a couple months I'm thinking of settleing in for about 30 mpw, with one 10 miler, a couple 7 milers, and a couple short runs scattered aboot. I also ran 3 on Thursday night, I don't think I blogged it.

I just noticed this morning, when I tried to check my TMC results, that Roger Soler's Sports website esta nonfunctionaldo. I'm sure he's decided to skip town with my $50 and not bother to manage the TMC anymore.

My friend and I are going to go embarrass ourselves on the UH climbing wall today. I've never tried it and since my upper body strength leaves everything to be desired it should be quite funny. Tomorrow, I'll be embarrassing myself on the ice rink at the Galleria. Feel free to stop by either venue for some humorous photo opportunities and a chance to use your first aid skills.



Heather said...

Hey check my blog...You have been named. Hope you're not hurt. Or atleast don't get hurt when there isn't a camera around. That's not fun for us!!! jj

Heather said...

Get off the sudoku websites and blog!!! :)