Thursday, May 17, 2007

where's my umbrella?

Tuesday brought me back to the little indoor track at school for 14 laps. I've been running the last 1.5 laps or so without my shoes. I'm under the impression that it's good for my form, and also for strengthening my feets. It's gotten easier than it was at first, except for the blisters, I still get blisters. But the running is easier, I think I'll increase to two laps now. Eventually, maybe I'll run the last mile withouts me choos.

This morning I was on the Kemah Bridge, running with some peeps from the club. Bravo-Zulu to Ed and Peter and David and Terry and her friend and the other woman who may or may not be Irma, and also to me. I've got to set the alarm clock for 4:00 to get out there by 5 and get done by 6 to be at work on time, and I've made it there 3 out of the last 4 weeks. Good for me.

I'll probably have some time to hit the pool this evening. I swam on Sunday, or was it Monday? Did I blog that? If I didn't blog it, did it really happen?

Anyways, gotta work now.
Keith out.

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txrunnergirl said...

Dang, 4am! I thought I was getting up early at 4:30. Running with no shoes? I dunno 'bout that.