Saturday, May 12, 2007

Everybody's cooler than me.

There are cool people everywhere. Everybody cooler than me. Go to the gym, the ultracool are there. At the rock wall, they're even cooler. At the bike shop, cooler than cool. Name one person that's not cooler than me.

Claudia and I were ice skating last night, and the cool people were there, seeing how fast they can go, weaving in and out of the beginners, freaking us out. We had dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe, and the ice cold peeps were there too. Everybody except our waiter, he was funny, he kept apologizing for the food, which was great. He warned us beforehand that the petite filet really was petite, and that my burger was going to have mushrooms, which I knew from reading the menu. And then he apologized that the molten chocolate cake wasn't as molten as it usually is. Everything seemed excellent to me, I wouldn't have guessed that it was all crap.

This morning I got up early to run, hoping to reach 10 miles. It's been a few weeks since I've run that long, and the mental barriers have returned already. But apparently I'm fit enough for a ten miler, since I didn't have much trouble. The only problem was the giant burger with the mushrooms from the night before, which made me keep my pace easy, or I'd start feeling sick.

Afterwards, we took our bikes into Houston and parked by Shepard and Memorial. We rode down Buffalo Bayou, and parts of it were very muddy. We passed another rider that warned us about some mud up ahead which he had obviously fallen into. And apparently Claudia doesn't have any fear of mud, so we went right through it. We rode our mud covered bikes to Jones Hall and bought tickets for Joshua Bell's performance tonight.

On the way back we rode along Allen Parkway and saw all the cool peeps with their cool artcars in the Artcar parade. It was a cool day.

Anyways, be cool America.


TX Runner Girl said...

Hey, the cool company I work for had their cool art car out there. BTW, I hear only cool people go see Joshua Bell.

jamoosh said...

You ice skate and rock climb. Hence you are cooler than me.

Heather said...

Wow! Hence I can say you now know what I feel like everyday when I am in your presence. You being SO cool and always being there to remind me that I am not. Maybe this will teach you to stop basking in the golden light the gods have showered upon you. Or you can at least carry an umbrella around me. I am getting a complex and a large bag of issues. Claudia too! Umbrella I say!!!