Thursday, May 24, 2007

Crock Pot!

Hi America, How are you? You look good.

How has the running been? It's been okay for me. I ran 9 on Saturday, and I was actually quite tired. And 4 miles more on Wednesday. I guess that's not a whole lot of running though. This must be a pretty disappointing blog. :( You must hate me. :(

I might be running the Astro's Race this weekend. I'm not sure how I'll get my long run in then, but anyways, it should be fun. I guess I'll do it on Sunday.

My mind is wandering a little. I must be hungry. And you know, right now, at my house, my crock pot is preparing my food for me. I think that's the greatest thing ever. Not only is it delicious, but it's ready the second I get home. The only problem is the rate I drive is increased, and my mind wanders a bit throughout the day. Oh, crock pot, how I love you. And every once in a while, while I'm eating the delicious crock pot stuff, there's a chunk of undissolved bouillon cube and "Aaaiieieeeeieeey!" and I cry a little. I can't decide if I love undissolved bouillon or hate it.



txrunnergirl said...

I've only used my crock pot once in 9+ years of marriage. Feel free to share any good crock pot recipes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mmm...undissolved bouillon cube


Anonymous said...

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