Monday, January 28, 2008


Hey America! How are you?! You look beautiful.

Sorry for the delay in posting. I've been terribly busy. I look for some time when I can sit down, write a little to you, and post some pictures of my travelings. I went to Mallorca, Spain for a conference with some of the best numbercrunchers in the world. I have pictures of that. And I went to Colombia to meet Claudia's parents, which I was quite nervous about. I have pictures of that too.

I wrote and applied for a pre-doctoral fellowship which was quite an involved process, with a firing line interview and everything. I'm happy to say I was accepted and my employment situation is significantly more secure than before. Without this fellowship, I could keep my job of course, but worse than that, I may have had to teach! I'm still recovering from the last time I taught and how the TA evaluations came back and everybody was very positive except one guy that wrote "TA is so suck." How could he write that! Can't you be a little more constructive with your criticism Mr. Bui! Yes, I know it was you, Mr. Bui! The form was anonymous, but I know it was you!

Well, there's that, and during my absence, I missed so much stuff that needed commenting, for example:

There was a marathon recently in the area, and so many of my friends were in it. I'm proud of all of you. I was home that day, cursing myself for not being in shape enough for a marathon. It's a painful experience to be a runner in Houston, and not be fit for the Houston Marathon. I thought about selling my bib, but in the end I decided that I deserved to lose my money, the lazy bum that I am.

There's a certain relay that people have been talking about. I have a lot to say about that too, and I haven't been connected as I should be. I'm excited about the race. I think the whole experience is going to be a blast and a half.

And there were some other events of general interest which could have yielded some interesting comments. For example, there was a senator that got caught propositioning an undercover police officer in an airport restroom. I had some funny things to say about that, and I missed my chance. And how his excuse that he wasn't propositioning, he just has a wide stance and hit the other guys foot accidentally, that doesn't really make sense because in the restroom, to have a wide stance you have to have your pants all the way off. I was going to say that, and I was also going to say that the bottom line is, if your in the restroom and you touch my foot even accidentally, you have to lose your job, whether your a senator, or a doctor, or a busboy, or anything.

I've been focused almost exclusively on neurobiology and there are a lot of interesting things going on. Maybe at some point I'll try to boil it down for something that would be interesting for the general public. I've read some interesting things recently that attempt to address how you can keep a concept in your mind, sort of a analogy to working memory at the cellular level.

Anywho, I'm looking for time. I don't even really have it right now, I'm still at work and all.

Talk to you later,
Keith out!


barbara said...

He's back! He's back! America's favorite blogger blogged today!!!

Hey do me a big favor and don't run during the month of February. Then I won't be the most out of shape runner on our team.

Keith said...

I might just run everyday in February now that you told me not to.

K said...

I had heard about this guy named Keith... are you real??!!

It's so nice to meet you, Keith! Looking forward to running with you for TIR.

I've been enjoying your post from October for months now!! LOL

Tiggs said...

Tell me about it. I've had to read the October post every single day. What fun is that??????? Geesh! Although that did mean that every day someone told me that I look good. That was nice.

Holden said...

I thought maybe your tadpoles attacked you and that was it for the man of action. I didn't realize there was some Colombian connection and not wanting to be a TA again.

Did you say "Hi" to Juan Valdez while you were there?

TX Runner Girl said...

Hooray Keith, I'm glad you're back!! I miss your posts, they always make me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Zog salute to you!!!!

He is back.

Heather :o)

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