Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tank # 2

Hi America,

Here's what happened with the frogs, and how they're all gone now. I think they are tree frogs, gray tree frogs, I think, which makes them quite a handful. They can climb straight up the sides of things. This is one we named sticky. He is something of a pioneer.

They are also capable of climbing straight up the sides of the glass fish tank.

So we prepared a second tank, designed for animals which are primarily terrestrial. Here you can see the flowerpot, with an assortment of plants, a food dish, and a bridge made of skeleton bones.

We tried feeding them bloodworms, which one website says they like, but I don't think they ever ate any of them.

But they had a nice home, I think, with plenty of things to climb on.

And some nice props for some exciting roleplaying games to invent. This could be the bridge to hell for example.

We borrowed some drosophila melanogaster from one of the labs to see if our babies would be interested in them.

They were interested. Very interested.

There is some video footage of this particular encounter. Check it out.

But there were too many frogs. Somehow, we started with 59 tadpoles, which we counted very carefully when switching tanks the first time, but then switching the grown frogs from the tadpole tank to the frog tank, there were 63! We always planned to set most of them free, so we did. We took all but four with their flowerpot to the Burke-Crenshaw park, by my house.

I think they're probably doing okay, there seemed to be tons of life around that spot. Hopefully they're doing some major damage to the fireant population that I encountered while I was there.

Anyways, Rock on.


txrunnergirl said...

So glad the frogs grew up! I love the bridge to hell. said...

Uh oh ... are we going to be the "Battling Froggers of the Terrestrial Kind"?

Jill said...

That tank is too cool! Love it.

Anonymous said...

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