Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Last weekend.

Last weekend, Claudia and I decided to tie the bikes on to the back of the car and head down to G-town for a nice little tour of the seawall. We really intended to work out that day, I swear. Instead, we left the bikes tied to the car and headed to Schlitterbahn instead. The weather was beautiful and cooler than it's supposed to be in July so it seemed pretty fortuitous to be on the way to Galveston already.

After 3:00PM it's only 23$ and there's plenty of time to get completely tired of the waterslides so it's not a bad deal. They have many types of slides of all possible speeds. These are two of the slower ones, where you go down in a bigger boat-thing that fits four people.

Instead of walking around all day from slide to slide, they have a bayou system that floats you around everywhere so there's very little walking to tire you out.

They have something called boogiebahn, where you get on a boogieboard and try to stay in the half-pipe thing where they have tons of water streaming by. It's tough to try to stay on and to try to stay in the wave without getting shot back over the back end. It's fun though. I stayed on a little while and then got a little too close to the side and then I have no idea what happened but I was off the side and the boogie board was back up on the starting ramp. (That picture's just some random kid.)

Lots of fun. Here's some more pics.

It was a fun day and and the bicycles took a nice hundred mile drive for no reason.



barbara said...

Oooh! I love Schlitterbahn! And I really like the one at Galveston because it's so much closer!

I could hang out in the inner tube and ride the river there all day. I have an embarrassing story from last summer on my blog about a trip there.

txrunnergirl said...

I have never been to Schlitterbahn, but want to go. It sound like ya'll had a great time!

Anonymous said...

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