Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jell-O Turkey - Jell-O Turkey - Jell-O Turkey

People seemed to like the Jello Turkey last year, so here you go. Enjoy.

I may post something soon. Times are rough with my running. I've got a bit of a pain in my quadricep ever since San Antonio. It's not too bad, but I've cut back on my running. I'm not sure I'll be able to get another 20+ miler in. I ran Saturday, an easy 6 miles, and it was okay. The best thing was that my buddy Robby Sabban, race director extraordinaire for the Seabrook Marathon, heard me complaining about not finding a hat to replace my NYCM hat, so he tracked one down for me that says "San Antonio Road Runners." Thanks Robby!

Incidentally, the Seabrook Marathon has added another half marathon on Saturday so you can have that option too. You can even run the half on Saturday and either another half or the full on Sunday and get a third medal, kind of like the Goofy Race at Disney. There's lots of cool stuff in the goodie bag, like a running hat, and trail running socks, and of course there's a shirt (a tech shirt) - all you need to bring is your shoes and a pair of shorts or something.

I suckered a couple of the people I work with into running the relay with me, and they've been training too. I still have to rope one more carcass into running or else I may have to run 2 legs.

Listening to: Beck - Nausea (I eat alone in the desert; With skulls for my pets)



Barbara said...

Very cool about the Saturday half marathon! Thanks for posting that one Keith. I'm not committing to anything that far ahead, but that's one I would've done last year if it had been on Saturday instead of Sunday.

Glad you got the replacement hat. Hats are good.

jamoosh said...

I am running Bataan the follwoing weekend. so a shorter run may be what the doctor orders. If you cannot find a fourth, keep me in mind as it gets closer.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

how fast does this race fill up?

Keith said...

Last year, I think they filled up one or two weeks before the race. This year, with the second option on Saturday, allowing another 500 runners, I'm not sure it will fill up at all.

I'll warn you if it starts getting close.

TX Runner Girl said...

Very cool about the Saturday race. Hmmm...maybe I will get ambitious and run the 1/2 on each day! I'm all about the extra medals. :-)

Sarah said...

I'm thinking seriously about doing the half on both Saturday and Sunday... I heard about it a couple weeks ago when I picked up a brochure at On The Run.

I'm definitely going to run one of the 2 halfs...